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06 July 2009 @ 12:03 am
A new legacy?! The Doyles 1.0  
Okay, so this is the family I made when I was debating if I should keep the Doodles or not. I still might not because I really like this family so far. Anyway, let's meet the Doyles!

This is Gemma. She is not in any way, shape, or form named after a 16 year old sorceress from Victorian England who goes to a super cool boarding school called Spence. Nope. But I must suggest A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray which has a, strangely enough, main character with the same name. XD

She has two kitties. This is Pussy Galore, an adult female. Shut up I was watching James Bond :P

And this is her lovably chubby old male kittie named Theodore. He likes to writhe.

WHAT!? A non-crappy founder house?! Thank you CC!

Top view. See, it's tiny.

Oh hai Theodore!

Theodore dislikes the snuggles. His mommy wasn't very loving.

Oh Pussy, you are such a prissy bitch. And quite scary. o.O

Yes Gemma, scold Pussy. She was naughty.

Ugh, I really hate these AL townies. I get so sick of them. They're all I get!

Pussy scares me a little bit.

Cue the matchmaker!

I shelled out lots of simoleans and this what I get? I'M SO SICK OF THE OLDIESSSSSS!

A juvenile delinquent? No thanks.

Another teen!? I swear, all the matchmakers in my game are pedos.

Why hello Ben Long...

Ben Long Nose: I'm huge baby, huge. Like a cowplant root.

Me: Yeah, in the nose.

ACR. Sometimes I like you :D

A crush? Gemma, didn't your momma ever tell you not to give your milk away for free? Because, after all, "Why buy the milk if you can get the cow for free?"

But of course I didn't because you have to put out to get the babies.

Gemma wanted to give Ben a massage but they had to run to the back of the house to do it. What kind of massage are you giving him exactly? Nevermind, I don't want to know.

Yeah, Ben rejected her for going steady. Further enforces the whole cow/milk thing.

This is potentially problematic.

And so begins Ben's lifelong obsession with Theodore. Oops, did that ruin something? :)

He doesn't have much money, but I want his nose. Like BADLY. I want to see what it'll do to future generations.

Theodore likes to play with Pussy. /double entendre (sp?)

Hello future generations of long nose!

Why hello Pussy Galore. (Just so you don't forget her full name! XD)

Theodore: *is cute*

Theodore, you are so graceful. If that was me I would already be on the floor, lying in a crumpled heap.

Really, Gemma, you can only wonder so much before you know.

Aww, Theodore. I like you. You're not scary like Pussy.

Pacman stomach, that is the official name of this disorder.

This is Tiffany, a cute stray.

Gemma likes Tiffany.

So now the Doyle's have a dog. Who lives in a little pen outside and isn't allowed inside the house. Hey, they still play with her and it's only so little because they're broke.

Yeah, Theodore, nuzzle with Pussy.

Their children will have noses of epic proportions.

Aww, it's one-sided obsessive love! :D

He turned her down for going steady again. What a jerk. You're in love, aren't you?

But she eventually got the rock. Snazzy camera angles, y/n?

Nice wedding outfit guys. Ah! Ben is so pointy!

This is why Tiffany isn't allowed inside. Yeah, that's her pee.

Ben stats!

Maybe I should lock Theodore outside too. He's always sneaking out to just sit on the sidewalk. Perhaps it warms his bottom?

More of my reasoning for keeping Tiffany outside.

Ahhh, the cuteness overwhelms Ben's pointy profile.

2nd pop.

And because nothing else happened in that day, birth time! Way to notice Ben. Sandwiches > Wife in Labor.

This is Luigino. Gemma's skintone and hair but Ben's eyes.

Ben: Go Luigino, it's your BIRTHday.

Hahahaha, I kill me :D

Actual parenting?! And is it just me or do the babies look like they're getting blazed while they're drinking the bottle?

Pussy continues to be insanely scary and evil. She has issues with that couch.

Theodore: This man's cuddles do not amuse me.

This picture could have a million captions. It's just that...perfect.

Every Pussy for themselves!

Hmph. Who names their cat Felicitas anyway?

Well I would've picked Play to Win but when I opened the game again it was gone. :(

Woohoo in the fridge... Now I want a hack that does that! The fridge would jump around and after all the food would sparkle :D

Actually, that's kind of gross. :/ But I still want that hack!

Pussy is an XTREME sleeper!

Oh yeah, they got a new house because I move neighborhoods! Here's the front. Tiffany has a slightly bigger cage yard.

From above.

Theodore, there will be no eating of Luigino! Stop the staring!

Or perhaps you're waiting to be hugged? Glitch is glithcy!

Gemma: Maybe if I spoon with the boss, I'll get promoted.

More shnozzed sproglings!

Well, duh.

More stalking of Theodore on Ben's part. Seriously, I have to cancel his actions so they both don't die because all they do is play. Maybe Ben has kitty ACR.

Tiffany will forever stay in the yard. I give her a bone and this is all she does all day. She's just a dirty dog.

HAI PUSSY! You actually look cute here :D

POP! Seriously, if my stomach did that I'd probably die from a heart attack.

The kitties love Luigino, who will from henceforth be known as Luigi because I can.

Hello hottie. Come back later, I'll call you. I got new skin defaults and new CAS replacements and I really like the results.

Ben: Happy birthday son! I'll impale you with my shoulder now!

Luigi: *is cute*

Um, well, the distance between nose and mouth is a little large but he's still cute!

2nd pop!

And a birth in the bathroom. I hate when things happen in small rooms. .__.


This is Lalita. Or Larita. IDR! And I played this birth like 2 hours ago! Ben's skin, Gemma's hair, and Ben's eyes.

And this is Leandro. Everything from Ben. Blond hair!

Yay! I have no clones!

That's where this update will end. As usual, I write as I play so I can only predict what happens next. I see schnoz's, birthdays, evil Pussy, and more pointless kittie spam. :D

See you next time!

simsproot on July 7th, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
Haha, yeah, you should post the pictures!
I've gotta see how this nose works out over time :D